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Lux Preferred clients enjoy a vast array of eco friendly garment services
Dry Cleaning: Your suits, dresses, coats and sweaters receive the very best care possible.  We use a 100% environmentally sound process that protects fabrics and leaves clothes soft and clean with no chemical odor or residue.  Gentler than hand washing and effective on a full range of garments, the method is safe for the environment, your clothes, and most importantly, you and your family.

Couture Cleaning: By emphasizing excellence and assuring that the work performed is the best possible, our Lux Preferred clients expectations are always met.  Our fashion experts are consulted regularly to determine the best way to handle the latest complex couture designs.  We deal with all beading and precious textile pieces individually, determining the best way to clean each item.  We then gently clean each item separately using gentle proprietary soaking procedures.   All items are then hand finished with extreme care using custom packaging and placed in an eco friendly breathable Green Garmento garment bag or box bag.  

Shirt Laundry: We guarantee that all buttons will be intact and all removable stains will be gone.  Did you know? All Lux Preferred clients who get their dress shirts professionally laundered will help support the mission of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  More info

Premium Shirt Service: Did you ever put on a shirt and feel like a million bucks? Our premium shirt service gives extra attention to the collars and cuffs, correct amount of starch and buttons intact.  This premium service offers major attention to detail by providing properly-sized collar guards, properly aligned french cuffs and repairing all buttons when needed. We never put a identification tag or write on the shirt.  Lastly the shirt gets hand finished removing all clamp marks that are usually at the front of the shirt.  Each shirt is custom packaged and placed in an eco friendly breathable Green Garmento garment bag or box bag.

Leather, Suede & Fur: With our special cleaning solvents and conditioners, we individually clean each piece.  Suede and leathers are arguably the most challenging items but our experts strive to return your garment as close to its original texture and color as possible. Once cleaned and color corrected all natural oils are replenished to make your garment look like it was just purchased.
  • All types of leather 
  • Suede and Skins
  • Furs
  • Handbags

Shoe Service and Repair: From a simple shoe shine and repair to a more complex problem,  we treat each pair much like our leather items, one at a time with separate cleaning solutions and conditioners.  Although very time consuming our goal is to maintain and revive the colors of the leather and/or fabric.  We polish all blemishes and treat all removable stains while retaining the original look and feel of the shoe.  Some shoes might be beyond repair, in these instances we are very disappointed when we can not perform service.  We are also a specialized Ugg boot cleaner.

Wedding gowns: Over the years, and with the experience of cleaning thousands of gowns, we have developed proprietary gentle soaking procedures to safely remove stains even from silk and satin gowns. Few preservationists are capable of matching our stain removal success.

Preserve your gown with us: Our wedding gown preservation makes it possible to preserve your wedding gown so it can be worn by generations of brides. We have been expertly cleaning gowns for over 20 years.  More Info

  • Only archival quality products
  • Proprietary stain removal and anti-sugar treatments are applied
  • You can periodically inspect your gown
  • We are licensed by the Prestige Preservation Program, LLC
  • Pick up and delivery service available in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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