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Lux Preferred clients enjoy a vast array of eco friendly garment services
First Class Service: Our luxury wardrobe storage and valet service provides a host of elegant concierge services for fashion devotees with extensive and beautiful wardrobes, city residents with inadequate closet space, business professionals, and fashion designers. Our clients enjoy 24/7 visual access to items they put in our care and can request garment delivery whenever needed.

Wardrobe Storage: This first class service was mainly designed for our city residents with extensive wardrobes and limited closet space. As of today we have clients from all over New England that allow us to professionally clean, maintain and store their off-season and/or infrequently worn clothing, shoes, evening wear, furs and accessories. 

Business Professionals: For a small monthly fee, business professionals can take advantage of our wardrobe storage but to a lesser degree.  Have you ever been at your office working and just before that important meeting noticed you had a major stain on your shirt? Or what if you dressed down for the day and didn't realize you had an important dinner meeting that evening with a major client. No problem... just call your Lux Preferred representative and request any of your storage items to be delivered ASAP right to your office.

Seasonal Services: Our seasonal service allows you to switch your closet from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer garments without lifting a finger. A Lux Preferred representative will come to your home to pack and collect the off-season items that you are not wearing regularly.  Lux Preferred clients can log onto our site 24/7 and see a virtual listing of every item in our care.  At the start of each new season, Lux Preferred will deliver your desired garments in ready-to-wear-condition and perform a “seasonal wardrobe switch.”

Runway Ready: Designers, are you ready for your upcoming fashion show? We serve designers for style week Providence and fashion week Boston.  Regardless of the season, contact a Lux Preferred representative to assist you for all your garment care needs.  This is a premium service that allows you to concentrate on production while we make your look book come to life on the runway.  We will work with you to inventory, catalog, transport and maintain all items for your show. 

Charitable Donations: Need to get rid of items? We can assist with charitable donations.  Contact a Lux Preferred representative to pick up your donations.  We will also assist with any tax deduction forms.   We work in conjunction with Dress For Success - Boston and other reputable charities.

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